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Friday, June 14, 2013


I believe everyone needs to reinvent themselves or their surroundings at least once in their lives....especially if you create. This last year, I created more goods than I have in the years past. glittered trees, Halloween bats and plenty of seashell art. All of which made me very happy....but somewhat unfulfilled. As I grasped straw after straw to find something new to inspire me....I always ended up with the short one. Then, about four months ago, I was asked to work at Paxton Gate in San Francisco.......and drew a very very long straw.
Inspiration (married with my lifelong love of taxidermy and entomology) started to haunt my mind and soul every waking hour. I've art had changed.
Scattered in my little home studio are taxidermy mice awaiting clothing and crowns, tiny mouse skulls adorned with gold, spread beetles that await painted shells and steampunk embellishments, forgotten butterfly wings begging to be made into jewelry and real caught read me right, I am "catching" real spider webs for art..........
I couldn't be more excited. Sparrowsongs still has it's brand....but with more of a nature inspired groove.......
Here is just a hint of what I am unveiling at this year's Tinsel and Treasures Magical Artisan Boutique this October.