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Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Under the sea...under the sea..."

I love that little mermaid song!!!
Well, most of you know about my Dreamscapes.......(see older posts) Here is a Seascape!
Seahorses dressed up to go out on the town!
They are just as delightful to make as the Dreamscapes...I am a happy camper!!!
Did you know that seahorses are a master of disguise? Yes....the larger ones can't hide as well with camouflage techniques, so they dress themselves up in barnacles and sea shells to hide among the seabed. I'm just taking inspiration from them.......I am not really that loony!

Spring Art Classes

Here is a listing and pictures of the classes that I will be teaching at
Cottage Jewel on Railroad Ave, Danville for the month of May.
Please call Marcia at Cottage Jewel for times
Butterfly Under Clock Glass: This beautiful wall hanging is 7~1/2" diameter. You will learn the spreading and mounting technique using real butterflies. We will use collage elements and pretty papers to embellish our creation. $45 per student. May 14th
Kaleidoscope: Oh, the magic of Kaleidoscopes! No two patterns will ever be the same. You will learn how to construct one from acrylic pieces and embellish the outside tubing with pretty papers and decorations. $45 per student. May 28th

Castles In The Air Class

What fun I had last evening with Carol and her daughter, Rebecca! I taught them the ways of the makings of a Kaleidoscope at Castles In the Air~ Berkeley, CA. We crafted ours from acrylic pieces, we put all kinds of fun and bling in the chambers in which to create fab designs......then we did collage on the outside of the tube housing until we were crazy in love with them!!! The gals did truly wonderful work!!!
If you have never been to must!!!! I can't say enough about this little shop of fun and delights. Located on Fourth Street. Have a burger and pom frites at Cafe Rouge' and an alfrajore cookie at the Pasta Shop Market, then buy all the dresden and German glass glitter your arms and your friends arms can carry, and go home and play!!
I will be teaching another kaleidoscope class there hopefully in the summer.
For my other class schedules around the bay area, you need only look to the next blog.
Happy Creating!
Tweet & Sparkles,