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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Strawberry Fun at Lisa's

Sunday afternoons creating art is one on my favorite things...
Lisa, Carol, Kathie and I sat in her beautiful studio in Fremont and I taught them the fine art of a velvet strawberry pincushion. These gals were rockstar sewing goddesses.....and their creations and color combinations were nothing short of amazing. A delight for the eyes .....
not to mention the envy of all the other pins and
needles that don't have one!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Strawberries of a different kind

What fun it is to teach an old dog a new trick!!!
I have been creating velvet strawberries for about 7 years now and discovered recently a new love.......being able to print directly on fabric from my inkjet printer!!!!
Now, I can incorporate my art and illustrations in these little works of art....useful works of art. Filled with a mix of sand and emery, this pincushion promises to keep your needles and pins sharp!
Next up.......wee little purses...stay tuned!
Dreamscapes & Seascapes for Cottage Jewel, Danville
A labor of love...for sure! These took ages to make since my paws are still sore and not fully strengthened from surgery last year. Little birdie and seahorse worlds under glass......inspired from vintage parlor domes of the Victorian era where they would put preserved flowers and animals under glass for safe keeping.....and to keep the elements at bay.
"...why, all birdies and seahorses wear crowns, they're just invisible
to the eye in real life......"