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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Haven't Blogged in awhile

Gee how time flies when you are in a family crisis. The last couple of months have been the darkest days of my 45 years on this planet. Although I can't go into detail about the crisis, I will say that the Lord of Hosts is truly faithful in taking care of His own. Even when bad things happen to us or those we love, He is still constant in His love and care for us. He promises that time will heal us, faith will carry us and LOVE will be the glue holding us together, that LOVE will be the very thing that holds our hands as we walk through another bleak and hopeless day, that LOVE will whisper in our ears at night as we close our eyes and pray for good dreams and not bad ones. That LOVE will drown out the despair until laughter and joy appear again to brighten our days and give us hope for a future that will promise that He will be there when the next thing comes our way....good and bad.