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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Engagement of a Pixie and a Jeepster

Saturday was traffic school. Complete with the boring teacher, Red Asphalt 3 and lame people who can't seem to fill out their name and address unless the teacher held their hand...and I'm sharing the road with these people? Why was I there? NOT GUILTY on charges of speeding on Carlton Ave....but I couldn't get out of!....what started out as a bummer day turned into one of the best nights of my life. As you know, the divorce was finally final on Friday after the ex fought over trivial things for a whole year. Scott and I have been anxiously awaiting the end of my marriage for quite some time....months and months!
Dinner out was planned for our usual date night when Twizzlers are in Sac with their mama. Scott's friend Ricky D just opened Cypress in Walnut Creek. It's a wonderful restaurant with amazing cuisine. We arrived there and were seated at the high tops near the piano toward the lounge area, which was perfect due to the fact that Paul Roth was on the piano on this night and we had met before a few times...fab player, fab singer! The place was packed early and everyone was buzzing about doing their thing. Ricky, Demetri and a host of Scott's other acquaintances greeted us and chatted with us about the resto scene in the WC.....a typical night out.
We ordered salad and crab cakes for our apps and two glasses of champagne. We talked for a bit and decided on our entrees...... pan seared chicken with a mustard sauce and potatoes for me and rabbit over parpadelle pasta for the man. The rain was falling outside and Casablanca played on the screen in the lounge. Paul played "As Time Goes By". My Jeepster gazed into my eyes for a very long moment and I couldn't tell you exactly why then, only that he and I were both smiling...both so in love with each other. He knew why. I told Scott how I was so happy that I was finally legally divorced..... free! to love him even more than I did, free to open my whole heart to him, free to be able to begin our life together. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a little black velvet box in the shape of a heart, took my hand and said "Pixie? will you marry me?" I could hardly breathe and said "Yes..oh Yes, YES!" We embraced and I buried my head on his shoulder, hugged him and cried. As I gained a little composure, he took my hand and placed a beautiful emerald and sterling ring on my finger.
Paul played, "It Had To Be You" for us and the couple at the next table bought us champagne, a round of applause from everyone at the restaurant and congrats from Ricky and the crew. We were their very first proposal at Cypress..... Paul played Moon River, The Way You Look Tonight and lots of other romantic tunes as we tried to eat our meal and dessert...we were so happy and giddy and twitter-painted and kissed and kissed and looked lovingly into each other's eyes with "I love You" over and over romantic!
Months ago we agreed to wear each others birthstones as our wedding rings. He found my antique (which is what I wanted) emerald ring from England. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. His ring is titanium with a thin, crushed turquoise band around it.
We agreed that our wedding would reflect our personalities and be unconventional in many respects. Our date is April 14, 2012. Six months to plan, which is going to be so fun for us. A small gathering of friends with my love in full Scottish attire. YES.....he will be wearing a kilt in his Johnston clan colors. They are truly beautiful...teal and blue and green with thin black and yellow striping. It's taken all the self control I have not to look at wedding gowns and try them on. I can't wait to find the "one"! This will certainly be a culinary event. Good Scotch will be involved and great food.
I'm a happy, happy, happy PIx! I'm in love with someone who loves me more than life and would do anything for me and walk to the ends of the earth...(that's what a Jeepster is by the way). We are extremely compatible and perfect for each other. I love his kids and he loves mine AND they dig each other too.....
Stay tuned for wedding news and updates.........and a whole bunch o' love!