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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Painting In the Middle Of The Night

The stresses of life can be easily diffused when you dive into what you are passionate about. Cooking, gardening, playing your favorite instrument or just taking a walk in nature can soothe the soul. For me it has always been the creative process. I recently read a great quote that goes like this: "Every creation of an artist should be the true expression of the adventure of her soul."
Since I am the adventurous type, it seems natural for me to go to those "soul places" to explore the many ideas along the paths, valleys and mountains of my mind and heart......and soul.
Recently, I was having relationship struggles and "me" struggles, so I painted a red tanager for a friend of the middle of the night.....all at once. My daughter once likened me to this free red bird in a poem she wrote for me (see older posts) cage door has swung open and I am now able to explore this world and myself through new eyes, a new and healing heart.....and most of all freedom. The Red Bird will always remind me of this time in my life...she's becoming my avitar as I learn how to spread my wings and fly.