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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Painting Teensy ...and Tennsier

Penopoly Pens is at it again! As the LA Pen Show approaches, I am busily painting tiny again....on a cylindrical surface the size of a small cigar. My paint brushes are 10's and 20's over zero's and I am about to do some serious squirrel napping in hopes of "borrowing" a tail hair in which to sign my name on these tiny treasures.....So far we have an Indian Eagle Feather, a Rattlesnake, a Purple Tulip and The Raven.....and introducing; Sakura or Cherry Blossom.

Valentine! Oh Valentine!

Last month I was in Grass Valley and saw delicate wired jewelry work that intrigued, delighted and definitely caught my attention. the fragile little images stayed with me thru these past weeks, and I have learned that when that happens to me, I must get it out via create-problem-solve-create-tweak-create-eat chocolate....then create. Here is the first prototype using materials I had in my know, the "some day I'll use these cause they're pretty" stuff. Now I'm sure a trip to the craft store in the next few days will be in order, along with a consult with a FAB jewelry designer and friend. After that, I may have something to fall in love with creating. It's been a bit of a dry spell in three dimensional art for me as I have been painting tiny pens again, so this is a welcome gem! Not that painting isn't's just different. With Valentines Day coming up around the corner, I hope you enjoy little copper and brass birdies bringing messages of love to wherever you may roam.