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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rainbow Forest

Dreaming a colorful Christmas!
This year I finally got to bleach and dye my own bottle brush trees....I've been wanting to for years, but Christmas always seems to come and go so quickly, that I just never got around to it. "Next year" I would say. Next year comes and goes again!.Working today on adding a bit of sparkle, decorating the bases and adding a few things to them....stay tuned!

Thursday, July 19, 2012!!!!!

Years ago, when I was into bear making big time....I used to create Prims....muslin/cotton stuffed animals that were then painted with paint and embellished. I am bringing some of my creations back into circuit for a show coming up this September. I tend to have a love-hate relationship with my sewing machine. I love how fast I can create an inspiration, but also enjoy the therapy of hand sewing. Mini-bears are completely hand sewn, bigger bears and rabbits are machine sewn...but Prims are both....AND I get to break out the paints and brushes! This next show will feature bats for Halloween, rabbits, bears and birds for year round and Reindeer for the Christmas season. Creating my own patterns has been fun....a process that I really enjoy. It begins with an inspiration. For the bats, it came in the form of a field trip to Paxton Gate in San Francisco. Scott nearly bought me this adorable tiny fruit bat that was taxidermed (is that a word?).....the thought of the little guy haunted my imagination and images began to be with me all the time. The challenge was to get the image that was in my imagination., on paper, into a pattern and bring it to fruition....So,.here you have it:

 the Bat at Paxton Gate

My Bat, Esmerelda

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Paper Roses

Hand made, watercolor painted coffee filter roses.......Oh my! I love making these. They are very time consuming but the end result is worth it, and by using coffee filters, no more torn crepe paper half way through your design work....very happy, happy.

Painted Tweeties

I recently hand painted thistles on 1 1/2"mother of pearl beads as pins for my bridesmaids, and a necklace for me for my wedding. When venturing into a new medium or project there is always problem solving involved. With this one it was what to coat the paint with so that it wouldn't bleed or bubble or run, or do anything but create a shiny perfect seal.....mission accomplished! Now that I have a few birdies painted, look for tigers and lemurs and other wildlife in the future. I have begun EENSY, TINY painting again on celluloid pens and boxes as well.....look for them soon. Designs for the animals will have minimal bling and have an earthy, more organic feel.....getting away from glitter this season (SHOCK>>>I know!!)....simplicity is where it's at in my heart right now.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Marraige of a Pix and a Jeep

The 11 day forcast said rain. RAIN!!!! ARGH!!!! With no plan B installed for the big day, my beloved and I held hands, bowed our heads and prayed! April 21st arrived and the sun was shining!!! Record highs were recorded and well.....we may have overdone it a bit
 on the praying! It was HOT!

Our backyard was turned into the reception hall with white table cloths, music, dancing and of course...eating! Chef made us the yummiest dinner of Duck Confit, Roasted Porkloin, Potatoes Gratin and a bounty of delectable appetizers and such. My friend Dorothy Costanzo made the yummiest lemon cake on the planet! And I had worked for months on bouquets, favors, decorations, invitations.....a DIY wedding if ever there was one! We wouldn't have had it any other way. A friend at the wedding took me aside and said he was gonna sign me up for OAA....Over achievers annonymous..ha! With the blessings of family and friends, we teared up more than a few times at the overwhelming love and support they gave us.
The day was magic and love and fun, family, friends and wonderful, dream-like and thrilling!  I couldn't have been happier to be marrying the most
 amazing person I have ever met....Scott Kendig.
We honeymooned in Napa and hit the giants of the culinery world as well as some great wineries. More pictures to follow as our photographer delivers them.

New Creations and Back to First Loves

When I got into my own business years ago, it was as a bear maker....teddy bears that is. I fell in love with the old fashioned mohair bears at a show a friend took me to and I was hooked. I got away from it for a time due to carpal tunnel and hand surgeries.
Now, I'm back in business!!!
There is something really magical about birthing bears and hares. I never really know until I have the eyes, nose and ears placed if it will be a boy or girl. When it's little face is done, it speaks to me and I know. A friend gifted me with some amazing mohair and synthetic fabrics that I am so excited about!

Look to upcoming shows to see polar bears, hares and my newest felted birds.