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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


"Try to come up with something new and unique for this holiday season...." she says. OK!! Here it is; my version of a favorite childhood toy. Kaleidoscopes are like snowflakes, the designs inside are never the same twice. And decorating the outside is just plain fun! Find them on my Etsy store this Christmas season.

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smack said...

Oooohhhhh.....aaaahhhhhhh! I love them :) Can't wait to see them in person! Kaleidoscopes are probably at the very top of my "favorite thing" list, but my little girl(Carson) used to call them delightoscopes and I can't call them anything else any more :) I'm sure that yours will be more delightful than MOST! Hope you're healing well and I'll see you later this week ~ Sara S