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Sunday, November 2, 2008

November Musings

I LOVE the holidays....Christmas is already up at my house. I don't really celebrate Halloween, so I decided the decorations would go up on Oct 30th from now on. It was nice to see the manger and the sparkle and dwell on the meaning of Christmas on such a dreadful, scary and gloomy Halloween day. Now I can really get in the mood for all the fun, frivolity and shopping!!!!!!
My newest project is paper mache' clay dolls.........I will post as soon as I've finished.
Just bought the new Richard Marx cd's....totally awesome!!!! And looking forward to David Cook's cd this month as well.
Anthony is graciously allowing me to photograph him tomorrow, so I will post those as well. My kids have taken their pictures SOOOOO much by me, that I have to bribe the boy. My girl; well, she's still a rock star and loves her picture taken.
I can't wait to see Phantom of the Opera on December 6th (a birthday present from the hubby)!
I know that I will cry through the whole thing...I LOVE the theater!
So long for now.

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