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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas Sneak Peek....

As an artist....who sells to retail establishments, one must start working early in the year to prepare for the holidays. I've been in love with the sea for some time now and wanted to reflect my dreams of the sea into my art this Christmas. Marcia at Cottage Jewel, in Danville loves the sea as much as I, so with a perfect business marriage arranged, I began working last week with an abundance of seashells .....starfish 12" large, pink sea urchins and giant scallops, not to mention the arsenal of glitter and vintage goods at my fingertips down in the studio (see older blogs for pictures of where I create). Here for you, is a special sneak preview of the work being accomplished...enjoy, And, come gather some seashells at Cottage Jewel this holiday season!

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