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Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Wee Wittle World of Mices

My house looks like a mouse fairytail right now....with only two weeks till showtime, my hands and mind are racing to complete "mouse visions" that have been swirling about in my imagination for some time now. It feels really great to finally bring them to fruition. We have Forest Mouses, Rapunzel...Angel Mouse and such. The grand finale Mer-Mouse is in the works as I write this blog. Now, everywhere I go, I look for mouse props. I see it becoming an obsession. There are certain ideas that will not let go. The Birth of Ve-mouse" was one, and there is a snarky black mouse in my freezer that thinks he's a pirate! How in the heck am I gonna find a pirate hat and jacket that tiny???? Anybody?
So raise a glass with me as I dive into a new area of art that I've dreamed of doing since my dad took me to the Natural History museum years and years ago......cheers!

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